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Spring Green can bring out the Crawly Things - AquaTek

Spring Green can bring out the Crawly Things


Spring is definitely here in South, MS! The birds are chirping, azaleas and dogwoods are in full bloom and the temperatures are on the rise (though you can’t tell it this week). With the Spring Green up, everything is out and about. Even those no legged crawly things that will make your blood pressure rise when they catch you off guard! This picture is of a Rough Green Snake (what we southerners commonly call a green snake, grass snake or green heat attack). What makes this guy so special and the topic of discussion today is the sharp, shrill scream of my oldest son! LOL I’ll get to that in a moment so bare with me. I know this has nothing to do with Pressure Washing or Exterior Cleaning in your mind but it is actually just that that allowed me the opportunity to catch this little guy on camera.

My son, Renzy, and I were cleaning a beautiful home in Longleaf Acres Sunday afternoon. I know, I don’t like working on Sundays either but with the treat of severe weather on Monday, I couldn’t afford to get behind schedule on cleanings and deck restorations. Anyway, we were just busy as could be and getting close to being done with the house, actually we were just starting on the exposed aggregate walkways when Renzy decided he might need a break and propped his hand against a tree to rest in the basking sun. Or so he thought! As he propped on the tree he turned to look towards the lake (and his hand) and that’s when it happened! I heard this noise from behind me, some might call it a screech… some might call it more of a squeal! LOL Either way it drowned out the sound of the Pressure Washer engine in the background! As I turned to see him flailing about in an attempt to run and crawl at the same exact time, I need no further explanation! I knew full well what would cause such an onset of obvious demon possession! I just had no idea it would be a cute and “harmless” little green snake. They are harmless until it is you who meets eye to tongue with one unexpectedly! LOL

So, with that all in mind, be careful out there. Not all of the crawly things that come out in the Spring Green are as harmless as this little guy! I’ll let you be the judge of whether it had anything to do with pressure washing or not!

Not Pressure Washing